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Shipbuilding and repair

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In the Vessel Equipment Maintenance Base of the Enterprise (hereinafter – VEMB) there are performed ships, floating watercraft and waterway signs repairing and construction. VEMB is the only one inland waterway maintenance, shipbuilding and repairing industrial base in Lithuania where it is performed internal waterway vessels maintenance and repair.

VEMB employs qualified professionals with many years of working experience in the ships maintenance and construction.

Activities of the VEMB:

  • Maintenance, repairing and construction of inland waters transport;
  • Repairing and production of waterway signs (buoys);
  • Ship painting;
  • Construction of pontoons and mobile piers;
  • Production and repairing of metal constructions;
  • Metalworking services (rolling, bending, turning, milling)

VEMB has ship lifting device – slip, it is the only one hoist of river vessels in Baltic countries used to lift inland waters vessels to the land. Slip can be used to lift vessels of 70 m in length 12m in beam and up to 600 tons. Working principle of the slip is that after lifting vessel with special push carts on rails out of the water, then hydraulic push cart by transverse and longitudinal rails transports vessel to the repairing place.

Updated : 2021-08-31

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