Repair work and shipbuilding work, and the provision of other watercraft work and the application of waterway markers (in the form of buoys), is all carried out at the company’s ‘Ship Equipment Maintenance Centre’ (hereafter referred to as the SEMC), which is located at Kaunas Winter Inland Waterway Port. The SEMC is the only inland waterway maintenance, shipbuilding, and repair production site in Lithuania in which inland waterway maintenance and repair work is carried out.
The SEMC employs qualified professionals with many years of experience in the field of ship maintenance and construction.

SEMC activities:

  • The construction, repair, and maintenance of inland waterway vessels
  • The production and repair of waterway markers (buoys)
  • Vessel painting work
  • The construction of pontoons and mobile quays
  • The production and repair of metal structures
  • Metal processing services (including rolling, bending, turning, and milling work).

The SEMC has a vessel-lifting installation available in the form of a slip. This is the only river vessel hoist in the Baltic States which can be used to lift inland navigation vessels onto dry dock facilities. The slip can be used to lift ships of 70m in length, twelve metres in width, and up to 600 tonnes in weight. The operating principle in regards to the slip sees the vessel in question being raised out of the water and, using special trolleys, placed on rails. The vessel is then transported to the repair site with the help of further hydraulic trolleys, before being placed on transverse and longitudinal rails.

For the methodology involved in calculating the cost of commercial work and the rates for hourly cargo transportation services, loading operations, and ship lifting operations, please click here.