Kaunas Winter Port of Inland Waters

The address is Raudondvario pl. 113, Kaunas.

The area of the teritory is 103845 m², area of the port waters is 80000 m², Western quay is 100 m in length, and Eastern quay is 90 m in length.

The port is used for vessel berth and ensuring industrial-economic activity of the Enterprise. There is equipped Vessel Equipment Maintenance Base, here is berthed and repaired vehicles of inland waters, also there is ship-lift facility – slip, which is unique in its technical capacity, it is able to lift vessels of  the 85m in lenght, 12 m in beam and up to 600 ton. At present, its capacity is limited to 300 tons.

The port construction had been planned in interwar Lithuania, and it was built in 1974.