Interactive navigational maps

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VVKD Kaunas – Curonian Lagoon – Klaipėda interactive map

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Map of the Nemunas for Garmin navigation (updated no more than once a month).

Inland waterways in the Curonian Lagoon, the Nemunas River from Kaunas to Uostadvaris, the Minija, the Dreverna, the Nevėžys, the Neris estuaries, and the King Vilhelms and Mituva canals are presented here.

VVKD Kaunas lagoon – Druskininkai interactive map

Here are the sections of inland waterways on the Nemunas River from Druskininkai to Liškiava and from Žemaitkiemis to Birštonas, as well as the Kaunas Lagoon.

VVKD Neris Vilnius interactive map

The inland waterway of the River Neris within Vilnius city limits is presented here.

Kaunas-Augustav Tourist navigational map

The digital map of the Kaunas-Augustav Waterway can be used on both a computer and a mobile device (phone or tablet).

It is recommended to view the map on a computer before the trip when planning your journey. On a larger screen you can see more information, copy the excerpts you need, make additional notes or similar.

On a mobile device, we use the map already during the trip. Then you can track your location and see if it matches the centreline of the waterway on the map.

To use on a mobile device

Instructions for using the map on a mobile device.

To use on a computer

Instructions for using the map on a computer.

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