1. Removing deposited soils from waterways, plus dredging work.
  2. Removing deposited soils from rivers and canals, plus dredging work.
  3. Removing sludge from lakes and ponds, plus dredging work.
  4. Removing deposited soils from water areas around ports and quays, and the mouths of such areas, along with providing dredging work.
  5. Improving the shores around water bodies by adding local sandy soil.
  6. Installing recreational areas (beaches) using local sandy soil.
  7. Managing riverbeds with the help of soil spur dikes (using local soil and stones).
  8. Managing riverbeds around the impact areas of bridges.
  9. Various work regarding the removal of underwater obstacles in water bodies.
  10. Installing nature management structures and habitats for birds in water bodies.

Priority when work (services) is ordered for inland waterways which are of national importance.