The Inland Waterways Authority PLLC has made considerable efforts not only to set up service stations with the capacity and commercial resources of its own production department, but also to initiate changes in legal acts that restricted the purchase of fuel on waterways.

With the amendments to the legal acts governing the retail sale of fuel on the waterways already in place, this season the Inland Waterways Authority invites every boater to fill up without going ashore and without any additional contracts, simply by paying by bank card. Types of fuel: petrol and diesel.

Places where you can find the Inland Waterways Authority’s petrol stations on water:

  • Kaunas Winter Harbour leisure boat pier (Raudondvario pl. 113, Kaunas)
  • Kaunas lagoon passenger pier (R. Kalantos 130, Kaunas)
  • Port of Nida (Naglių g. 14, Nida)
  • Svencelė port (Svencelės g. 49A, Svencelė)
  • Jurbarkas small boats pier – harbour (Nemuno g. 8, Jurbarkas)

The Inland Waterways Authority wishes you a safe and enjoyable shipping season! Sail without a canister!